Speaking truth to power
and calling the shots as I see them

In the Age of Misinformation, lies and vitriol spread around the globe like wildfire, taking root before Truth and Reason ever even get a chance to finish tying their shoes, leaving the world at risk of drowning in a flood of ignorance during an era when our collective body of knowledge and technological capabilities have never throughout the course of history been so vast. 

I consider myself an equal opportunity critic who does not identify with any political party, and I cannot abide hyper-partisan hackery as well as absolutist black-and-white narratives that are void of nuance. 

We are all together on this little blue marble, hurtling through time and space around the cosmos while we try to make sense of it all.

But whatever anyone tries to sell you, we peasants — left-, centre-, or
right-leaning — have more in common with each other than our oligarch masters who couldn't care any less about us. Allowing ourselves to be divided only works to serve billionaires who must laugh while we squabble among ourselves.



I know there is no shortage of other opinionated bloggers out there pontificating about life.

So, your time spent visiting my little corner of the web is appreciated, and hopefully offered some insight.

Feel free to send your thoughts—I welcome constructive input. But any kind of adolescent and juvenile ad hominem attacks, the last refuge of those with nothing to contribute to meaningful discourse, as well as condescending or abusive trolling, will be ignored.

Take care of yourselves, and one another. 

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